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Recommended Books and Movies

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What Makes People Tick.
Part psychology, part common sense
and pure business gold!
Powerful Techniques for Turning
Every Encounter into a Mutual Win

How the transition to an
information economy impacts
managers at the macro level

Drucker on managing in
the new economy and the
knowledge revolution.
Why Some Companies
Make the Leap
... and Others Don't"
What the World's Greatest
Managers Do Differently
My recommendation of Tommy Franks' book on the right may surprise you. While military types will glean much more from the tactics and terminology, I zoomed in on General Franks' awesome leadership and people skills. It's chock-full of international culture differences, historical perspective and wisdom. I hope it will awaken an appreciation of why it's so important to 'get out of your own box and biases' when communicating and working with others ... whether at home or on the other side of the globe.
An Amazing Way to Deal
with Change in Your Work
and in Your Life
Hilarious Sales Blunders
and How to Profit
from them

These films may be 'R' rated, and I do not condone
violence nor crude, abusive language or behavior.
However, they can be good tools
for distinguishing DISC behavioral styles.
Please check ratings and honor
your personal viewing preferences.

a High D in Action
intense, blunt, gruff
demanding Sam Gerrard
the High I
the patient High S
Hoke, the loyal,
tolerant chauffeur
the critical High C
highly structured
Melvin Udall

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