Each Workshop is customized to client needs and varies from one-half day to 3 days depending upon results requested.

Business Development
Sales Teams and Management
Customer Service
Call Centers
Team Building
Hiring and Selection
Employee Engagement and Retention
Communication Skills
People Skills
Executive Team Performance
Executive Team Formation and Development

Optimizing team performance has never been more important than in today's rapidly evolving workplace.  Competition is keener, the pace of commerce faster and the knowledge base is exploding.  To handle these challenges, businesses must employ people who work well together and create the synergy necessary to produce extraordinary results. 

Companies with the 'best' performing teams accomplish increased speed to market, superior customer service and maximum shareholder returns.

Executive Coaching, Personalized Performance Debriefs, Conflict Resolution, Management Retreats and Conference Breakout Sessions are available options.

Written proposals include required assessments, content outline, training methods, materials and supplies required, workshop time frames, fieldwork / follow-up provided as well as proposed investment by Client.

Contact Sharlene directly regarding needs analysis and availability. All requests are kept in strict confidence.

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