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Cyberpad 8.5X11 Digital Notepad
Do you lose reminders, directions, to-do lists and 'on-the-road-again' sales and client notes?? Do assignments and 'HIGH PRIORITY' task notes get buried in desk piles so deep you need a backhoe to find them?
Write to your heart's content and zip all of those precious notes to your laptop / desktop.
Even those who hate to write things down or typically lose anything written on paper will find the Cyberpad efficient, fun and performance-enhancing.

Recommended CyperPad Accessories:

[1] Evernote 'endless tape' software

drag-and-drop your Cyperpad notes to Evernote Plus and instantly convert to text!

[2] SanDisk Standard - Flash memory card - 2 GB
even the most prolific notetaker is hard-pressed to max out the storage on a 2G card! Just write, and write, and write! I've personally tested the 2G card on my CyperPad and it works great.

[3] SanDisk SDDR-103 MobileMate SD+ 5-in-1 Mobile Reader
quickly move your written CyperPad notes to your laptop or desktop with this small, lightweight portable card reader. Great for emailing your follow-up and sales notes to the home office from the field.

In January, this complete performance package was around $210.00. Definitely worth thinking about. Every Style that I have spoken with about the CyberPad has been really excited and many have ordered. Sales Teams ... this package can pay for itself on your first sales call!

Conversation Piece
Makes Writing Things Down Fun!
Aids Follow-Up
STraditional Notetaking
Coordination Tool
List-Maker's Delight
CDocumenter's Dream!
Promote Consistency
Note Organizer
Organizer Tool
Dual backup: Paper and Digital!
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